21 - Alessio Alionço (Pipefy)
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Welcome everyone to the Inevitable Podcast. In this episode I'm going to talk with Alessio Alionço.

Alessio was the first CEO I ever partnered with, back when I was an associate at FCVC when we invested in their seed round. At that time, Pipefy has $2,000 in MRR.

Furthermore, he is the only founder I have invested in every single Venture Capital chapter I had. I.E., aside from leading our investment in Pipefy when I was running ONEVC, Atman investors are also privileged to be a part of Pipefy's story.

Alessio is the founder and CEO of Pipefy, a no-code business process management platform that helps companies optimize sophisticated workflows for those who don't know. Today, Pipefy is present in over 150 countries and has raised over 200MM.

They started in Curitiba and expanded worldwide, mostly because of Alessio's relentlessness as CEO.

Over the past seven years, we had several opportunities to learn and grow as individuals, as he matured as a founder and I matured as an investor.

Before launching Pipefy, Alessio also founded Acessozero, an online social city guide where users could find deals in local businesses, which he sold in 2013. After the sale, he searched for his next business idea, traveling and meeting entrepreneurs in Israel.

He had amazing personal and professional experiences as an entrepreneur and business leader and is here today to share some of these learnings with us.

Unfortunately, I had a hard stop, and we had to cut the episode short. That being said, we'll certainly schedule other conversations.

Here are some of the questions that I asked Alessio:

  • When did you realize you wanted to be an entrepreneur?
  • Can you tell us more about your trip to Israel and how it shaped your decision to make sure Pipefy was going to be global from Day 1?
  • How did you make Pipefy into a sexy enterprise product?
  • How do you deal with the challenges of running a growing business and becoming a professional leader?
  • What was your feeling after raising the series C for Pipefy?