In this episode, I had the honor of talking to Jeff Williams, SVP, Industry Solutions & Strategy at Altvia.

Altvia is the leading provider of CRM and investor & deal management systems for Private Capital Market firms. It was founded in 2006 and supports over 40,000 LP investors.

In this episode, we talk about Jeff's upbringing in Colorado, the beginning of his career working as an analyst and an associate sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities, and his last years helping to build Altvia. Also, we deep dive into how the GP-LP relationship is evolving to a new level with changing market dynamics and higher performance expectations.

Here are some of the questions I asked him:

  • How were you like as a kid growing up in Colorado?
  • You earned a BA in finance from the University of Utah. Did you picture working in the Venture Capital industry back then?
  • After graduating, you spent nearly 4 years as an Analyst and Associate sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities in venture capital funds and late-stage venture financings in private companies. How was that early experience like?
  • How did you learn how to source and make investments back then? Who mentored you?
  • After being at VC firms, you understood how technology could make or break them. How was it to join Altvia and start to provide technology and services to the same companies you spent years of your life working on?
  • Walk us through some of the most challenging problems you faced while helping to build Altvia.
  • Which are some of the changes in how VC firms operate you've seen in this past decade?
  • 2 years ago, we were in a situation where there weren't many VC-backed IPOs. Since COVID-19, due to the rise of SPACs and a bunch of factors, we're seeing not only more but also bigger IPOs. How has it been for you to watch all these unpredictable market outcomes unfold?
  • Who are the mentors who are guiding you in the current challenges you're facing?
  • How is your experience of being a podcaster at Preferred Return‬ being like? Also, is it true that you play the soundtrack of the podcast?
  • You enjoy skiing. What are some other hobbies you spend your free time on?
  • Which kinds of projects do you picture yourself putting energy on besides Altvia in the future?